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Shiva’s Great move to save Pandya Store

pandya store news update

Following Shiva receives framed in a smuggling scenario, he would make an unanticipated transfer to ensure that Pandya Store is saved.

pandya store news update

Shiva’s Great move to save Pandya Store

Star Furthermore’ Pandya is Using superior on achievements. The demonstrate is having interesting with Each and every passing episode. The present track revolves close to Rishita’s father Janardhan framing Shiva inside of a smuggling of cumin scenario due to which coupled with Shiva, the complete Pandya family would go through as it may well result in the license of Pandya Keep finding cancelled. Dhara questioned Shiva and Raavi to elope prior to the law enforcement officers get to the haveli. Shiva and Raavi has attained Somnath.

In the meantime Rishita refuses to believe that her father Janardhan is driving the complete conspiracy. She states that she will confirm to Absolutely everyone that her father is harmless. While in the forthcoming episode, Raavi and Shiva shell out adorable times at your home. Raavi can make sure that Shiva freshens up and eats food. Gautam along with Suraj are established to succeed in Somnath’s law enforcement station. But Shiva contains a program B to save lots of Pandya Retailer.

Shiva visits a lawyer and asks him to create documents which would advise that he continues to be ousted from the property in the Pandya loved ones. He asks him to jot down during the document that he is merely a employee in Pandya Shop and almost nothing more than that. Using this move, Shiva desires to make certain that even though Gautam’s endeavours don’t operate, he would take whole blame on him and with the assistance of the documents, It will likely be proved that he has absolutely nothing to do with Pandya Retailers as he is just an worker there.

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