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Shiva and Raavi come closer in Pandya Store

Shiva and Raavi come closer

Shiva and Raavi and with a run within the law enforcement officers and In the meantime the duo occur nearer. Right here’s what’s in The shop for your viewers of Star Plus’ Pandya Retailer.

Shiva and Raavi come closer
Star In addition show Pandya Retail outlet is higher on drama.

The current observe revolves all around Rishita’s father Janardhan framing Shiva in the smuggling of cumin situation on account of which in conjunction with Shiva, your complete Pandya family members would go through as it could end in the liscence of Pandya Shop receiving cancelled. Dhara asked Shiva and Raavi to elope before the police officers get to the haveli. With Krish’s excellent notion, Raavi and Shiva still left through the royal palace for Somnath.

While in the approaching episodes, Shiva and Raavi will occur closer throughout their journey to Somnath. The ardent fans in the couple will witness their cute banters in addition to a handful of passionate times. The duo usually takes a halt at an eatery whereby the officials appear in quest of two criminals, Shiva panics as he feels that they might capture him, but luck favours him and he doesn’t get caught. Shiva and Raavi hurriedly leave from your position but right before he could start out the vehicle, the police officer stops him again.

Additionally, Dev and Gautam find out from Suraj which the entice is laid by Janardhan Seth. Dev informs the exact same to Dhara and he or she gets stressed learning a similar. Dhara tells Krish not to advise the same to Rishita as it may well result in other troubles, Rishita overhears the dialogue and losses her awesome. She receives offended on Pandya household to wrongly frame her father in every single Improper circumstance that they land on their own in. Indignant Rishita decides to drop by his father’s property and difficulties that she will show her father harmless.

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