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How to remove dark spots on face fast – Best treatment for dark spots on face


Best treatment for dark spots on face:

how to remove dark spots on face fast Best treatment for dark spots on face
                                To reduce the look of dark spots let’s start with skincare I’ve been using these SkinCeuticals advanced pigment corrector for this I use this daily on the dark spot to help with discoloration and to improve overall skin tone I’ll also put this on other areas that may be a bit more pigmented I’ll let this fully dry. 

Next Step:

                                Before going on to the next step anytime I use color correcting serums are retinol it’s very important to use sunscreen after because if you don’t take your dark spot can actually become darker in the Sun and to be honest you should be wearing sunscreen every day one of my favorites is the origins of perfect world with SPF 40 make sure you evenly apply all over the face for full protection now on to makeup one of my favorites to use on dark spots is the make up forevers underpainting color correcting palette in light I like using the pink tone specifically to counter the pigments of my dark spot tip use your ring finger for this as it applies the right amount of pressure and evenly distributes over the skin after the corrector is on.
                                I’m going to use Maybelline age rewind concealer over the areas to add more coverage I love using this especially underneath the eyes to cover any dark circles and whenever I’m trying to cover dark spots I always tend to use my fingers because it find it blends more naturally and it covers more of the pigments then using a brush.

How to Apply ?

                                Now I’m going to apply a light layer of a cosmetic CC cream all over the face to blend everything in moving along I’m going to dust over some powder so that the corrector concealer and foundation stay in place tip when applying powder use a big fluffy brush and use the press and roll technique to finish off this look I’m going to apply a colored lip balm to the lips so that it looks natural and complete and now we’re done dark spots gone and there you have it.

Prevention :

                               Those are my tips and tricks on how to prevent and also reduce the look of dark spots they can be very very down deep so sometimes laser may be an option that is something that I’ve tried before it’s still there and it’s gonna take a couple of times I think before it actually is less noticeable we’re doing lots of skincare things and makeup tricks to help reduce the look of them and sometimes I’m just like you know what so my face that’s on my face but I would like to have it more even and if you’re the same these tips and tricks have definitely helped me .
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