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Best moisturizer for dehydrated acne-prone skin – Dehydrated skin


 Dehydrated skin :

                           How to stop dehydrated skin this is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to winter season because my skin feels a little bit dry it gets a little bit cracked especially near the forehead and underneath the eyes so I’m gonna share with you guys some really great tips on how to keep your skin hydrated and glowing this time of year there were some great tips that you can add into your own skincare routine so I hope you guys enjoy it.
                             I’ll be all right are you guys ready let’s get started first stop always cleanse during the colder seasons I start switching up my products to adjust to the weather for cleansing I love going back to my B shape irritate their mouth brush cleansing gel tip when cleansing your skin go gently start in the middle then around your eyes to help deep puffs don’t forget the chin and jaw line and also the t-zone and forehead once that’s done rinse and then I’ll use a hot towel to open up the pores next to have the products in this routine work better I’m going to sing the face with my handy face steamer at bought off Amazon just a few minutes here to refresh and plump the skin for our next step if you love matcha it’s also great for your skin.
                             Here I’m using 1 tablespoon of our getting much a powder and 2 ounces of distilled water I’m going to thoroughly mix this so that the consistency is smooth and liquid I’m going to pour a few tablespoons of this onto two cotton pads then wrapping these around my middle fingers I’m going to evenly apply this much I rinse all over the face the benefits of much on the skin is that it can help reduce inflammation and the antioxidants can help with breakouts and oily skin give us a few minutes to soak in and then taking a hot towel pat dry and wipe clean one of my favorite tips from dermatologists Dr. Abdullah is the use of mineral masks the Vichy quenching mineral mask is one of my favorites to use during the winter time it’s cool.
                             when applied on and it feels amazing this mask instantly hydrates and soothes the skin with the mineralizing thermal water it contains as well as the vitamin b3 which calms inflammation and it leaves my skin looking so radiant leave this on for 5 minutes then rinse and pat dry next up booster Dee she’s mineral 89 is a staple in my skincare routine another tip I learned at Vichy lab with dr. abdullah is that highroad lenok acid is a skincare must that’s why this booster is perfect for dehydrated skin it contains a high dose of mineralizing thermal water with hyaluronic acid to help strengthen skins barrier.
                              Now it’s time to seal it in the Equality of thermal rich cream is perfect for my dry skin again qur’anic acid is a player in the step to give my skin that natural radiance and dewy fresh feel here’s a tip when applying rich cream make sure it absorbs into the skin by massaging gently all over the face this helps with circulation and full absorption of the cream for maximum benefits and last but not least let’s not forget the eyes these are eye mask sheets I bought at Muji I wanted to customize this by using the Vichy lift active serum tends to preen to help with lifting the eye area and giving it more hydration.
                               I just applied a serum on the eye mask and spread it around so the mask soaks it up if you get cracked under eyes this DIY eye mask helps so much leave it on for about five to ten minutes and then peel it off don’t rinse just pet it in and let it absorb now the skin is feeling super hydrated plump and dewy so those are my tips and tricks on how to stop dehydrated skin especially this time of year I personally get dehydrated cracked rough patches on my skin on my elbows and knees so a lot of the tips.
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