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Asian mom skin care routine oily skin – asian mom skin care routine


 Asian mom skin care routine:

asian mom skin care routine oily skin asian mom skin care routine

                                How to clean your face effectively and this is the routine my mom taught me inbhigh school i’m going to wet the face first with some warm water and then use an oil-free foaming cleanser and here i’m using the one from pharmacy and also a brush to cleanse the face with this is just a standard brush it’s not electric and you can use any sort of cleansing brush you can find i started with like a dollar store one and that totally works this one is from anissa and i really love it because the bristles are really nice and thick and luxurious but also it covers a lot of space it’s a very large brush head i like to get the foam going before applying it onto my face.
                                 I just feel like it just cuts a step out and it also just cleanses better i feel so here i am just gently cleansing in circular motions gently all over the face you want to do this for about maybe 30 seconds to 45 seconds to make sure you do get a nice deep clean although being gentle with the skin because you want to make sure that you’re not pressing too hard just a nice cleanse to get off any dirt oil and bacteria then once i’ve done this i’m going to rinse the face with some cool water and then wipe clean next up honey is going to be your best friend it’s not the magical end-all be-all of curing and preventing acne but it does have natural antibacterial and calming qualities.
                                 These qualities help soothe inflamed acne and blemishes so i just use a q-tip dip it into the jar and then just apply it to any areas where i feel like there may be blemishes or pimples coming up then i leave it on for like five minutes and then i’ll wipe off with a wet paper towel need some help with your dark under eye circles this is a great diy add one tablespoon of yogurt a few sprinkles of turmeric mix it together and then use this as an eye mask these are just ones.
                                  I bought from muji they’re super cheap they’re like a dollar a pack i just soak them in here for a couple minutes and then apply straight underneath the eyes i love this to help with fading dark spots it helps even out the skin tone especially around the under eye area it reduces dark circles and it’s just super easy to make you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry right now i leave the eye masks on for about 10 to 15 minutes and then i’ll let it cool dry a little bit and then remove if you guys love indian food like i do turmeric is used in a lot of the recipes and you’ll notice that there might be a slight tinge but that only stays on for a little while i just use a little bit of warm water and rinse it off this eye mask is great to help lighten the under eye area almost instantly.
                                   I can already tell a difference one of the best things asian mamas want you to know about your skin is to use hyaluronic acid that’s why i love the vichy mineral 89 her and i both use this and it is just amazing for skin hydration if you’re prone to dry skin this is going to be your best friend another secret is to double up meaning use a booster with hyaluronic acid as well as a cream that contains hyaluronic acid this is the mario badescu dew cream and this stuff is so amazing my skin literally looks hydrated.
                                    As soon as i put it on there’s like that nice extra beautiful glow to it which i love another secret that asian mamas want you to know is to massage your face you don’t need a fancy tool like the one i’m using here i did get it off amazon but you don’t need this you can just use your fingers just as easily just use like the peace sign and that will definitely help go along your cheekbones on your neck and this is going to help with lymphatic drainage do this in the morning and at night i get asked a lot about eye cream and eye care and dark circles and when you should start mamachu always taught me that it is never too early to start applying eye cream.
                                     I was applying her eye cream in high school i really have that to thank for the minimal lines and dryness underneath my eyes i think it’s super important if you are worried about dark circles is to start with your eye cream early well taken care of and hydrated under eyes make you look more youthful and less tired following that for the lips avocado oil you guys this has been my new thing i pick my lips so often and look they look great right it’s because of avocado oil thanks mom my mom has had bio oil part of her skincare routine since i can remember being alive it has such a distinct smell to it but whenever i think about it i always think of my mom because she used to use this all over the place and for me my favorite place for this is a stretch marks of course and b for my dry cuticles it is a miracle worker and last but not least one of the recipes asian moms want you to be drinking is goji berry and ginger tea goji berries are super high in antioxidants.
                                      They’re made in lots of asian soups you can find them at the asian supermarket and this is just fresh organic ginger grated ginger stick it in a pot put some hot water in there let it steep for an hour if you can i know that’s a long time but it really helps make this potent and really healthy or just keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and that’s all you got and then enjoy this is also a great recipe for postpartum women it helps with blood revitalization and it also helps with energy so drink it and that’s all.
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