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What is the best self tan to use – How to Get the Perfect Self-Tan


 What is the best self tan to use?

What is the best self tan to use?

                           This is the before pale and not so tan to start i’m going to use the goop glow body illuminizer i know it says body but i’m putting this on my face because it has the most beautiful soft and flattering glow taking my wet beauty blender i’m just going to apply this to the high points of the face the light reflecting minerals create a radiant and blurring sheen so it’s perfect for the first step now i’m going to get dark i’ll be using the vita laborato body blur instant hd skin finish in latte just taking my beauty blender i’m going to dot this all over the face and i’m going to work really fast.
                            This is great to help minimize blemishes covering imperfections and smoothing the skin’s appearance while reflecting light giving my skin this photo ready skin finish and also giving it a very perfect natural looking tan you can see it instantly and make sure to bring it down the neck so that it all looks natural and seamless keep it going into the hairline and also on the sides of the face just to make sure it blends in well with the rest of your skin color when it comes to getting the perfect tan using some concealer to highlight the areas to make yourself look a bit more tanned is a great trick the one i’m using here is the dior forever skin correct concealer the areas i’m going to go over and highlight is the bridge of the nose underneath the eyes the t-zone the cupid’s bow and a bit on the chin to blend this all in i’m going to use my wet beauty blender and tap gently and make this area kind of lifted by going upwards so whenever you’re doing the under eyes and covering any dark circles it’s good to go upwards.
                             So it looks more lifted and then on the t-zone and on the nose just blend those in by using concealer to highlight your face you’re creating more dimension and it brings out the tan now for contouring and creating that perfect tan i’ll be using the nars matte bronzer this is such an amazing product to create that natural looking tan and you really need just a little bit i barely even touched the palette and it’s already super dark on the skin and this is not even the darkest color so i highly highly recommend using a bronzing powder on the cheekbones on the eyelids and also around the tops of the forehead and around the chin area to create an overall tanned look my inspiration for this is like a laid-back surfer girl who’s been out on the waves all day with a bit of like that sunburnt look so to create this i love using the fenty beauty petal poppin cream blush it complements the bronzer so well and gives that really nice and kiss look next up i’ll be using the fenty beauty matchstix glow skin stick to get that natural looking dewy sheen i’ll be applying this on the bridge of the nose on the cupid’s bow a little bit on the bottom lip and just a bit on the tops of the forehead just to give my skin that extra sun kissed look for the eyes.
                              I wanted to go for a smoky but natural looking brown color all around i’m actually really packing this on and then blending it in with my ring finger this gives like a really subtle smokey effect i’m really going for that beige surfer summer girl look this is just very laid back chill and not too done up which is exactly what i want for this look then i’m going to use my shoeimer eyelash curler and curl up my lashes really quickly and if you want a very simple tip run your eyelash curler under some hot water and just watch it curl so much better and it will last a lot longer too for mascara i’ll be using the clarins wonder perfect mascara 4d waterproof this is such an amazing mascara you guys it curves and it also gives definition and it makes short and straight lashes like the ones that i have stay up all day this is a really greatbwaterproof mascara i try taking this off with a makeup wipe as well as some eye makeup remover and it does stay on whether it’s water humidity heat or an emotional day this mascara is amazing for this lip i wanted to go with something a bit more of a tan color so i’ll be using the fenty beauty slip shine sheer shiny lipstick.
                              This is in the color bubble rum it’s super moisturizing it’s lightweight and it’s a nourishing lipstick infused with pomegranate butter and you can just tell just when you put it on it just feels so nice and lastly i’ll be using the huda beauty silk balm hydrating and nourishing lip balm this gives an ultra smooth looking shine to the lips which you know guys normally i don’t go for that gloss but i thought for this look it was absolutely perfect to complement this natural looking tan and here’s the final look.
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