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Water-free skin care products -Face moisturizer without water


 Face moisturizer without water:

water-free skin care products

                           A sink less skin care routine so this is going to be no sink no water to cleanse I’ll be using the Bioderma micellar water makeup removing solution I soaked two cotton pads and remove all makeup dirt and oil off the skin this is a no-rinse formula so it’s perfect for the sink less skincare routine this is also the perfect size to take traveling to and remember to always go around the hairline because a lot of the time makeup gets left behind there so make sure you’ll wipe wipe wipe there for my second cleansing step I’ll be using if you spirit if their mouth cleansing wipes I’ve been using these guys for ages and they’re just great to take off any remaining residue on the skin for me cleansing is one of the most important things in skin care because if you don’t cleanse the skin properly your skincare products will absorb into the skin and do their job so a thorough cleaned face is best then it’s time for toner.
                           One of my favorite natural brands is Dr.Hauschka their facial toner has been around for a long time and it’s always been in my skincare kit it helps minimize the appearance of pores and balances of oily skin for a skin treat I love using my still has sue Bloomsday vitalizing serum this serum is infused with antioxidant plum blossoms that help with signs of aging and keep skin looking fresh and youthful it spreads evenly while leaving a smooth and light finish and the smell you guys it’s heavenly I apply this evenly all over the face and let it absorb I like to use slow swiping motions that lift the face up to pair with the serum.
                            I’ll be using this Umezu bloom stabilizing cream this is infused with fruits C’s buzu for firmer translucent skin you only need a small amount so I like to use the scoop it comes with so I don’t use more than I need it’s soft at the elastic texture leaves skin feeling smooth and firm I place a few dots all over the face and then work it into the skin use soft finger tapping motions to evenly spread the cream and then press it into the skin I love how this smells of my skin is feeling hydrated and very smooth for those of you looking into anti-aging I’ve been using the NeoStrata correct high relining acid micro infusion patches from this little diagram here I’ll be applying these right in between my brows.
                            Because there are little fine lines in this area these patches give hydration to the surface to improve the appearance of wrinkles and I leave this on overnight and peel off in the morning if you love a refreshing mist before heading to bed the Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe is always near my bedside table it’s great to help boost moisture and glow so if you have drier skin this is great and lastly we can’t forget about the lips here I’m using my probably seventh tube of the Bioderma at order moisturizing lipstick I’ve been using this for years and I just love it and now we’re dead and off to bed so this is my sink list skincare routine I hope you guys enjoyed it if you just don’t feel like getting your hands wet or maybe you just don’t want to get all that water everywhere.
                             This is a very easy very good skincare routine you can do without water you can do it with micellar water you can do it with the wipes and everything else just falls along if you’re tired and you’re just on the couch watching Netflix you’re like I really don’t want to go and wash my face right now even though I highly recommend it you can still do this sink as a skincare routine and have glowing skin and go to bed.
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