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Tips for dry skin – tips for dry skin in winter


 Tips for dry skin – tips for dry skin in winter :

First step is cleansing obviously but this time i won’t be using any sort of cleanser i’ll be using coconut oil when the colder seasons come around my skin tends to flake and become really itchy so instead of using a foam cleanser and gel cleanser coconut oil is super hydrating and also gets rid of all that makeup dirt and oil and impurities in the skin.
                                   I take about a teaspoon in my hands warm it up and then clean my face once i’m done this it usually takes about a minute or so i’ll take a hot towel and wipe off clean i’ll do a second wipe with a cool towel this is really going to help get that extra oil off if you haven’t started steaming your face yet you have to i like to use a little bit of lavender oil a few drops into my facial steamer and then go to town i love doing this in the colder months.
                                   Because my skin gets this sort of dry texture to it and whenever i steam my face it comes out so smooth and soft another thing is if you have a breakout like i do here this little tiny one right in the middle of my t-zone a facial steam will do wonders you can totally do a steam in the shower but i find that these facial steamers pack in so much more power now let’s get to removing blackheads this is a derma suction tool it’s basically a poor vacuum and it sucks out impurities and any blackheads sebaceous filaments oils and it does a really great job then i’m going to take a cool damp towel and wipe it over.
                                    The nose to help reduce the redness now for the fun part here i’ll be using the laneige water bank hydro essence it is such an amazing essence that helps drench the skin with moisture and helps boost hydration and prevents water loss this bottle is almost empty and it’s my second bottle and that’s how much i love this essence now i’m going to pair it with the lineage water bank moisture cream it is super moisturizing and it’s perfect for itchy dry skin it’s formulated with mineral rich vegetable extract and helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier for a hydrated and balanced complexion.
                                     I apply this all over the face make sure it absorbs and then what i’d like to do here is give my face a little bit of a massage just using my index and middle finger on the jawline under the cheekbones and i like to do this i actually saw this on tiktok it was a great little massage to help with the batting drainage now if you really want to pack in hydration use an overnight mask this is the lineage water sleeping mask it’s a moisture recharging gel mask that quickly absorbs while you sleep.
                                      So when you wake up you just rinse it off and the result is just radiant and glowing skin in the morning i’m going to pair that with the lineage lip slipping mask as well this is a leave-on lip mask that soothes and moisturizes for smoother more supple lips if you guys have cracked lips like i do this stuff is amazing for it my skin at this point is super hydrated and moisturized but if i want a little bit more i’ll be using the laneige cream skin mist this is a refreshing fine mist spray that delivers intense long lasting hydration for up to 12 hours and to add on during the day.
                                       I love the laneige lip glowy balm this is a lightweight moisture coating lip balm for hydrated tinted and kissable lips throughout the day for body care and to get that smooth radiant skin dry brushing is the way to go i do this about every two weeks and i love doing this on my arms on my elbows places where i know there’s lots of dead skin and my skin just feels so much more radiant and smooth afterwards it also helps with circulation too when i was pregnant i used the sage mother’s wellness stretch mark blend now i use this all over my body because it is so hydrating and i literally don’t have any itchy skin after i use this it’s calming it smells great and it’s safe for moms and pregnant women so highly recommend this if you have itchy dry skin also it’s amazing for stretch marks hydration is another huge part of getting hydrated skin so recently jeff and i have been drinking the acv cherry cardamom drink i just add a little bit of this into a cup maybe like two or three tablespoons full and then just fill it up with water and i drink this it has electrolytes it has apple cider vinegar it’s good for gut health and it’s super hydrating and last but not least having a humidifier in your house definitely helps with hydrated skin when you’re pumping up the heat and you’re outside in the cold it can really make dry skin worse so having a humidifier helps a ton and that’s all for today.
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