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Skin care tips home remedies – Natural skin care tips for glowing skin


 Skin Care Remedies: 

natural skin care tips for glowing skin skin care tips home remedies

                         I’m gonna rinse my face with some warm water and cleanse with the Aveeno max glow micellar gel cleanser I give my face a good cleanse in circular motions and I want to make sure I get into the skin and really work this in it’s important to give your skin a thorough cleanse in the morning especially if you have oily your skin or acne prone skin this cleanser works like a magnet to draw out oil and skin impurities once that’s done I’m going to rinse off with cold water and I do this because cold water actually shrinks your pores a little bit and it makes the skin tighter and it makes for an easier application.
                          In the next steps so here I’m just gonna grab a towel wipe my skin clean and so that’s dry and also any remaining stuff that’s left in the nostrils you guys may not know this but whenever I do my regular videos there’s always soap and bubbles in my nose so here you’re gonna see the full on real time thing next I’ll be using the fresh rose floral toner and spraying this all over my face it’s much easier and quicker than applying with cotton pads so when I’m in a rush this is my Here I am with my hand fans and just pressing in any remaining toner into the skin and down the neck still good on time my quick little check now I’ll be using the Palmer’s cocoa butter formula skin therapy face oil just a few drops of this and I warm it up in the hands and gently apply over the face now what I love about this is that it’s a inexpensive and B it helps soften and plumps the skin it’s hypoallergenic paraben and phthalate free it’s also great to help with dark spots.
                            I love face oils because they’re so versatile you can use them on their own like I’m doing here or you can mix it in with your favorite foundation to give the skin a beautiful glow and back to this routine any remaining facial oil I have left I’ll apply it down the neck now for moisturizer I’ll be using the bioscience repair cream this is the cream I also have Jeff use for his skin because it’s just a beautiful rich cream that keeps skin moisturized all day long there’s also no scent it’s very hydrating and really repairs the skin if you suffer from skin inflammation this is definitely one to try it’s formulated with lipids aka good fast your skin needs to help plump and hydrate.
                            I apply a quarter sized amount and apply this all over the face and neck moving right along I’ll be using the EULA Henriksen banana bright eye cream this cream is perfect to help give skin that instant glow especially around the under eyes I take about a pea-sized amount and dot them all around the eye area t-zone and cheek bones and any remaining product I’ll apply to the rest of my face this little jar actually goes into my makeup kit because I sometimes even use this as a primer before makeup as it gives the skin and the most beautiful glow and lastly SPF.
                             I’ll be using the Estee Lauder at perfectionist pro multi defense UV fluid SPF 45 sunscreen I love that it doesn’t leave a white film on the skin and it’s high SPF will protect my skin from the damaging UV rays here’s a tip when applying sunscreen make sure you really press it into the skin and do this thirty minutes before going down into direct sunlight bonus tip use any remaining SPF and apply to the tops of the hands we often forget about the hands but they get a lot of Sun too and they show signs of aging really fast and now we’re done and we still have time to spare skin is looking and feeling great and all under few minutes.
                             Now a remedy to coffee alright guys that is my few minute skincare routine in real time I hope you guys enjoyed it I really want to cover some products that are really easy to use and don’t take a lot of time because sometimes certain products you know you might need to take you know an extra couple of minutes to do certain things you might need you know a face brush or you might need a cotton pad and I really wanted to just make it super easy just pick it up spray spray pick it up put it on go the one thing I do want to say though is at the end of every skincare routine especially in the morning you want to make sure you add on that layer of SPF regardless if it’s sunny outside or it’s raining outside or it’s cloudy just make sure you have a nice layer of SPF to protect your face and other than that this is what I typically do on most days when I’m in a rush and hopefully you can add some of these tips or even some of these products into your routine to make it easier for yourself.
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