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Sclera contacts prescription – How long can you wear sclera contacts?


 Sclera contacts prescription:

Sclera contacts prescriptionHow long can you wear sclera contacts?

                              How to put in sclera contact lenses these are often pretty popular around this time of year around halloween in october for halloween costumes as well as people wearing them for haunted houses if you dress up as cosplay uh different things like that they can look wicked awesome and probably the most popular are the black sclera contacts these make your eyes kind of look like a demon from supernatural or something like that sam and dean i love you guys but again to put them in and take them out because they’re so large they can be pretty challenging so i’m gonna break down some tips for you and walk you through the process.
                               First of all if you’ve never worn contacts before this is not the best place to learn how to wear contacts in the first place i think it is best to have a full fitting course with your local eye care professional that way you have somebody who can walk you through and troubleshoot any issues you may be having and if you happen to poke your eye or scratch your eye you’ll be there with a professional who can help you out step number one for putting sclera contact lenses in as with all contact lenses make sure you wash your hands properly you don’t want to be putting dirty fingers into your eyes and risk getting an infection it is also best to dry your hands with a lint-free cloth that way you don’t get any pieces of lint onto the contact lenses step number two is to inspect your contact lens make sure that it is not expired make sure that there’s no chips or damages to the lens that it hasn’t dried out.
                               Because yeah you don’t want to be putting a damaged or expired lens into your eye these are your eyes step number three is to rinse off your sclera contact lens with some form of a multi-purpose disinfectant soft contact lens solution i recommend doing this just so that you can rinse off any sort of debris make sure it’s perfectly clean this type of solution will make it a little bit more comfortable and even if they’re straight brand new contact lenses straight out of the vial that saline buffer solution that comes in there typically is not the exact salt content as your tears so just rinsing it all off getting a new fresh coat of solution on there typically just in my experience makes them more comfortable now before we put them in just a pro tip that will make it a lot easier is to have some form of a handheld mirror nearby because then you’ll be able to look straight down into the mirror you can let gravity hold the contact lens under your fingers rather than trying to somehow hold on to it and put them in sitting upright that just makes it way too difficult so instead grab a handheld mirror of some kind i’m going to be using this cool creepy thing just because tis the season now hold the contact lens with your fingers either with two fingers or using a little tripod stand with three fingers.
                               You’re going to first stare at the contact lens then stare down toward your body and you’re going to be using your non-dominant hand to lift your upper eyelid and then you’re going to tuck the large sclera contact lens under that top eyelid then you’re going to pause and then look upward then using your non-dominant hand switch to the lower eyelid pull that down and then push the remaining of the contact lens onto the eye all right now after you’re done wearing them and looking all cool and fancy now we have to take them out.
                               So this is how to take out sclera contacts and this is honestly one of the most probably more important to learning how to put them in because if you have a problem with them they’re painful your eyes are feeling red irritated anything at all you gotta take them out so this is how you do it first again make sure you wash your hands completely and properly but i can’t really stress keeping your fingers as dry as possible that is really important for removing all contact lenses the drier your fingers are the easier it is to grip the contact and get it out of the eye otherwise you just make your fingers into a little kissing shape like this if you haven’t seen my other video tutorial on how to just remove regular contact lenses you can reference that video as well for how to remove these ones.
                                But because they’re a little bit bigger you do have to have a little bit more of a grip on them just to fully get them out so i do recommend just grabbing your upper eyelid your lower eyelid and then using your little pinchers look up slightly and grab and pull and there you go and we’re gonna do the same thing on the opposite side i’m gonna grab the upper eyelid then the lower eyelid with my middle finger using both the kissing motion and up and off it comes look at that now if you don’t remove them on your first try that’s okay just take a brief breath don’t panic dry our fingers off again and try and try again if you do struggle to get them out you just can’t seem to get them out no matter what make sure to call your local eye care professional and get over to their clinic.
                                So that they can help you remove them okay now that we’ve removed the sclera contacts now we need to go over how to store them properly and take care of them because we don’t want them to shrivel up and become just nasty hard shelled pieces of plastic but before we go over that i do want to mention some important safety tips so that you have the most success with these type of lenses the first and biggest tip is to be responsible and understand the risk you take when wearing contact lenses especially these type of contacts the newest contact lenses to the market have been engineered for decades trying to make them safe and comfortable for your eyes however these contact lenses sclera contact lenses and most colored contacts on the market are made of really old material from like the 60s and 70s and they don’t have very good oxygen transmissibility to the surface of the eye that increases your risk of getting things like corneal ulcers edema or swelling this can lead to infection and eventually there’s a scarring and permanent vision loss to the eye for this reason.
                                Tip number two is to consult with your local eye doctor before getting these type of lenses ask your doctor if they can prescribe them for you if they can order them for you and to give you any specialized tips about you and your eye health including how long they recommend you even wear these type of lenses again because they reduce the amount of oxygen getting to the surface of your eye it’s usually not recommended to wear them very long i personally if i wear these lenses to like a costume party or something like that i usually only wear them for maybe two to three hours at very most usually enough to show up to the party take a few cool photos with people and then i bring my contact lens case.
                                So that i can remove them and put go back to my normal contacts which are the newer lenses which are much healthier for the eye and my last tip is under all circumstances do not sleep in these lenses and if you ever have pain redness change in your vision take them out immediately and then give your eye doctor a call again you’ve only got two eyes please take care of them okay now that we’ve gotten that important safety message out of the way let’s go over just a few tips on how to properly store these lenses so that again they don’t dry out and just become nasty the first thing you probably notice is that these scleral lenses don’t really fit well into a normal contact lens case you can kind of force them in there but they bunch up and it’s hard to put the top on
                                So i personally just don’t like to use that at all i like to use the vial that it originally came in i empty out the vial i clean it out with multi-purpose solution i put the lens in and then fill the vial back up with multi-purpose solution now you may notice that with these type of lenses they usually have an expiration date of around one year yeah that’s one here but remember that these lenses were designed back in the 60s and 70s and probably that should be updated i honestly only use them for about a few weeks at a time especially if i’m going to a convention doing a cosplay thing or it’s around halloween and i’m going to multiple parties and wearing them for a specific costume or something like that after that like two three week span of using them.
                                 Once a week or something like that they end up getting tossed out i will not use them the next year i’ll end up buying new ones even though again they are again 12 months for these contact lenses before they expire they’re gonna sit in that solution and if you leave forget about it the solution’s gonna dry out the lenses are gonna dry out it’s best just to plan to buy new ones every year if for some reason you do forget about them and they dry out i do not recommend that you try to re-wet them with solution it really doesn’t work it’s best to again just don’t even bother trying just buy new ones.
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