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Night beauty tips for glowing skin – Top beauty tips for fairness


Night beauty tips:

night beauty tips for glowing skin

                               First i’m going to wet the face with some warm water and then apply the tatcha pure camellia cleansing oil onto the skin this is my first step in my cleansing routine because i love doing a two-step process if you guys know or watch my videos before i do like doing this because it really helps cleanse the skin this is a all-in-one makeup remover even waterproof makeup and it leaves the skin feeling super soft and silky next i’ll be using the skinceutical simply clean gel this is going to help remove some of that oil and leave my skin feeling super super fresh my night time routine always consists of this two-step cleansing process and it’s worked for me for years and i love it and it really keeps my skin looking youthful radiant and healthy looking here’s a new hack a budget friendly alternative to a face brush is a baby skin soother i’ve been using this thing recently with my gel cleanser to get baby soft skin.
                                So for those of you guys who aren’t sure what type of face brush to get opt for this instead it works just as well and leaves the skin feeling amazing now i’m just going to rinse with cold water and pat dry what i also like to do with the towel is to go side to side and exfoliate the lips just to make them nice and smooth and then now my next step is going to be using my pore extractor tool to help remove any blackheads any whiteheads and just to get any of that extra oil out this tool is amazing and i got it off amazon.
                                 Once i’m done that i’ll be using the fresh sugar strawberry exfoliating face wash to help remove any dead skin cells and to make my skin just more smooth and soft this gentle exfoliating cleanser helps remove impurities and oils and it’s great for normal dry combination skin you can probably tell that this is quite a thick exfoliating face wash and that’s what i love about this it’s also amazing to scrub the lips.
                                  As well once i’ve done this i’ll put a hot face cloth over top exfoliator and then i will wipe clean a good nighttime routine includes a face mask this one is called thirst strap from huda beauty this is a cocoon mask which has hydrating properties like aloe vera and hollyhock rose it also has a little bit of caffeine in it which is perfect for de-puffing and energizing any tired skin a face mask is just what i need i leave this on for about 10 minutes and then remove and what i’ll do here is just rub the rest of it in it takes a bit of time because there is quite a bit of product on the mask if there’s a bit too much moisture it’s just to spread it down the neck and then it just dries so much more quickly now my next hack to really deep up the skin is to use a jade roller that’s been cool in the refrigerator for about half an hour and apply this all over the face.
                                   First i’ll start on the cheekbones and really work my way away from the inner parts of the face and then i’ll flip it over because there’s another side and use this for the under eye area this feels amazing a great way to wind down during the night and it’s just a really nice part of the skincare routine and never forget the neck because the neck is one of the first places where you see signs of aging so when it comes to jade rolling i never forget this area now speaking of aging retinol is a huge part of my nighttime skincare routine i’ve been using the olay regenerist retinol 24 ignite moisturizer and it’s been doing wonders on my skin it can be used every day but it’s super gentle and works my skin looks smoother brighter and my dark spots are way less noticeable in just under a week even though.
                                    I have dry skin it’s helped minimize pores and fine lines retinols can be a bit scary to dive into especially since i’ve tried other ones in the past that didn’t work so well but this one is super gentle no irritation redness or dry skin this is also great if you’re a first timer with retinol it’s available in a serum of face cream and night cream you can use all three or just one and to top off this nighttime routine i’ll be applying the olay retinol 24 ignite eye cream with my ring fingers for the right pressure and application to the under eye area i always like to be sure that it’s absorbed into the skin so it takes a couple of seconds.
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