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Korean teenage skin care routine – Natural skin care tips at home


 Natural skin care tips at home :

korean teenage skin care routine natural skin care tips at home

                      My best skincare tricks when it comes to keeping your skin healthy during the colder months is using a cleanser that won’t strip away moisture this one I’m using is from skin fix it’s the throne and oil cleanser and it’s a hydrating creamy oil that lightly foams to wash away dirt and makeup without stripping the natural oils off of your face which is exactly what my skin needs during this time of year I put a few pumps in my hands warm it up and then go in gentle circular motions all over the face this cleanser is free from fragrance parabens sulfates formaldehyde phthalates silicones and list goes on.
                      So I really do like it for this reason as well if you have even drier skin during the colder months I highly recommend an oil cleanser because it just helps moisturize and keep the skin supple instead of dry flaky and itchy which is what we don’t want during this time year after but a minute of cleansing I’ll rinse with warm water this is super important because oil cleansers tend to leave a little bit of a film afterwards even though you friends so just make sure your skin is nice and clean after you use an oil cleanser now following that I’ll be using a warm towel this is one of the best tricks that my mom ever taught me she always used towels when cleansing her face and this towel from Vichy is one of the softest towels I’ve ever used it’s great to just have on hand too after you rinse you just Pat dried that’s also great but another thing that you can use hot towels for is just to steam your face if you don’t have a fancy steamer you don’t need it you just need a hot towel so all you do is rinse at this towel under hot water let it kind of cool for a little bit so you don’t to scold your face and then apply it directly over the face for about a few seconds and then remove this helps awaken the skin and make sure products that you put afterwards absorb so much better you guys would have seen me use this guy a lot this is the pixie and glow tonic it won the acne Awards in 2017 teen vogue and I just love it and I understand what people also love this too.
                       When I’m using this I just apply it with two cotton pads swipe it really gently all over the face and neck just to make sure I get all that exfoliation going it has glycolic acid in it as ginseng to help improve circulation and energizes and also has aloe vera to soothe and hydrate which is something my skin down during this time of year don’t be afraid to use toner especially ones that are alcohol-free this is one of my favorites from fresh it’s the rose floral toner it’s a cooling mist that moisturizes for 24 hours for a healthy dewy look so if you need that extra glow and dewy and hydrated look this is the toner for you during the colder months.
                        I always like to steer clear of tight masks one of my favorites is the Vichy aloe vera facemask it’s a soothing mask that helps reduce redness on the face so if you find that your skin breaks out a lot or maybe it’s just irritated from being in the cold this is a really nice hydrating and cooling and soothing mask for your skin taking one of my favorite face mask brushes I’m going to apply a very thin layer of this all over the face I can instantly feel it cooling the skin which is very nice and calming this mask can help relieve distressed red skin that has extreme sensitivity so if you have sensitive skin this is a really great mask for you and being a Vichy mask it has the mineral thermal icing water as well as elevator together to make a super soothing and cooling face mask this mask also doesn’t dry hard it just has a bit of moisture in it still to really keep that hydration in the skin so you leave it on for about five minutes you rinse off with some warm water and then you pat dry high Robotnik acid could be one of the best and care ingredients to have during the colder months one of my favorites is the Vichy mineral 89 you guys know that.
                        I love this booster it gives my skin a daily boost of strength it’s non greasy which is amazing because I hate putting something on my face that makes it greasy and shiny and sticky this doesn’t do any of that while still giving my skin a lot of hydration this can also be used as a primer or mixed in with your favorite foundation it’s an all-around amazing product I just warmed up in the hands and lightly press it and tap it into the skin until it fully absorbs facial oil should also be definitely one of your skincare staples during the winter months this amore Pacific botanical radiance oil has been in my skincare bag for a long time I even use this during the summer just because it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling it doesn’t make my skin super oily it just nourishes my skin is so nicely.
                         I even add this to my favorite foundation sometimes just to give an extra dewy glow so with this I just warm it up in my hands and then press it into the skin until it fully absorbs and it gives my skin that instant natural healthy glow I posted on instant or E’s not too long ago my review on the Loon edge water bank moisture cream and I’ve had about four weeks to try this out and I absolutely love it it has vitamin A C and E quinoa extract which helps nourishes and hydrates dry skin in the colder months you want a moisturizer that will help lock in moisture so all the stuff that you did before prior to applying the cream which is at this step you want to make sure that it holds everything in and this definitely does that it’s lightweight but still very moisturizing and nice on the skin another skincare trick.
                         If you find yourself having dry skin throughout the day that’s icky and it just doesn’t feel good and it’s tight if you use a facial mist one of my favorites is the Vichy and mineralizing of thermal water it helps pre balance it strengthens and regen it’s the skin get a small facial spray bottle and just mist throughout the day to keep your skin dewy and hydrated and for the body you guys I have to rave about the lush therapy organic neroli and lavender bar I’ve been using this obsessively every single day this is amazing if you have dry cracked skin this also works if you have stretch marks this is one of the best massage bars and nourishing bars I have ever used in my life I would highly recommend it if you have really dry skin try this bar you will not be disappointed and that’s all.
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