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How to remove blackheads on nose – How to remove blackheads at home


 How to remove blackheads on nose:

                                To start I’m going to use a hot space cloth and apply it to the nose area a gentle push on the sides to get things loosened up a bit you can either steam your entire face or just leave a hot cloth on the area for one minute next I’ll be using the extractor tool to gently scrape and push out any blackheads you want firm pressure so that any oils and bacteria get pushed out I love using this around the nostril area because that’s where most of my blackheads and whiteheads are for the next step I’m going to wet my nose and apply the bureau Blue Agave and baking soda detox mask just around the nose using a face brush I’m gonna focus on areas that have larger pores and are more prone to blackheads and whiteheadsvit’s cool on the skin and helps eliminate impurities lifting away dirt and oil to purify clogged pores let this sit for about 10 minutes and then wipe clean with a warm towel this mask it doesn’t harden but it still works really well.
                                Once I’ve clean this area it’s time for our next step I’m gonna what the nose because it’s time for a pore strip I’ve been using Biore Pore strips ever since I can remember today I’ll be using the torkoal Pore strips this is the packaging and the box comes with eight strips what I love about these strips is that they are a little slick around the nose area to help make it easier to stick to the contours of the nose so no area is missed.
                                 I like to give it a little twist here and there to loosen it up so it fits then I place this on the nose keeping it slightly slack so you can press it into areas that are hard to stick to you’ll know it’s ready to peal off when it’s hard if you’re in a rush grab your blow dryer to make the drying process go faster of course the peel off can make your eyes water a little but the results are worth it I mean we’re family right it’s fine to show you guys what came off my pores trip you can really see the stuff.
                                 When I show it from the side those little peaks of white are pulled out gross but so so satisfying there might be some leftover pork strip on the nose so I just take a warm wet towel and remove it and for the last step which i think is one of the most important things is using a tonic to help reduce redness and to keep the area clean here I’m using the pixie Rose tonic a few drops on a cotton pad and I’m just gonna apply it to the nose and leave it here for a few seconds and then wipe around the area last tip don’t put anything on your face for at least one hour to let your pores breathe and now we’re done so this is how I get rid of blackheads I hope you guys enjoyed it I do highly recommend you get pore ships because they just have something in the strep that really removes deep in the pore taking all those whiteheads those blackheads and your nose just feels like so much cleaner so I hope you guys enjoyed it.
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