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How to Pamper Yourself Like a Beauty Blogger – Pamper tips


 How to Pamper Yourself Like a Beauty Blogger :

                               I always like to make sure my shades are cleaned my pillows are nice and fluffy i put on my nice and cozy robe and i really try to just get into relaxation and pampering mode at the start of this routine i try to make it a gold not to go on my phone so i just put it on do not disturb and then leave it alone for my skincare routine i’m going to put on this super fluffy and soft headband and then i’ll start cleansing for this i’ll be using the v-shaped normal derm gel cleanser it’s suitable for all skin types but especially great if you have oily combination or acne prone skin this exact cleanser is discontinued but it’s been replaced with the normander phytosolution cleanser which has an even better formulation it’s also great for sensitive skin has active ingredients like salicylic acid and probiotics to help with overall skin health.
                               I love using this during the summer because i tend to get more oily and break out a little bit more often what’s great about this cleansing gel is that it’s formulated for acne prone skin so when i cleanse i like to use my clarisonic for that extra cleansing power and it really deep cleans into the skin once i’ve done this i’ll just rinse and pat dry a great little skincare tip after you cleanse is using a cold towel to help tighten the skin now it’s time to steam i recently purchased this steamer off of amazon and i absolutely love it it packs a powerful stain but not too much where you feel like you might be burning your skin this is very gentle and great to help open up the pores to prep.
                                My next step i like to steam the face for about a minute before i go into a face mask and here i’ll be using the vichy double glow peel mask these are amazing little travel masks but because we’re not traveling anytime soon i thought i’d use them up then taking my face mask brush i’m going to gently apply this mask all over the face what i love about this mask is that it leaves the skin glowing and radiant thanks to the vitamin c and its aha and volcanic stone exfoliation one of my best pamper routine tips is to steam your face while applying a mask and if you have an exfoliating mask the better.
                                 Because it actually helps remove the dead skin while using the steam to help cleanse and purify once i’m done this i’m going to rinse with warm water and then pat dry now it’s time to apply one of my favorite boosters which has been a staple in my skincare bag for years vichy mineral 89. if you’re stressed this can cause an imbalance in the skin that’s why i love that the mineral 89 is a safe option to help restore the skin barrier and helps decrease inflammation dryness and irritation my skin is definitely on the dryer side so this really helps with hydration.
                                  I also love that it’s 100 hypoallergenic and made of volcanic water and hyaluronic acid to help strengthen the skin’s natural defenses and helps accelerate skin recovery not only that its clean formula is free of fragrance alcohol oil silicones colorants and parabens such a big bonus so to apply i just gently tap this and press it into the skin until it fully absorbs and to layer on top of the booster i’m going to apply the vichy norma derm corrective anti-acne treatment i’m using this because during the summer months like.
                                   I said i break out a little bit more often and i wasn’t eating the best last couple days so you can see that little pimple right in the middle of my forehead i’ll be using this anti-acne treatment with salicylic acid and lha to help minimize pores and pimples and blackheads i just apply this lightly all over the face and it’s already feeling so much better and softer if i want to go a little extra i like to take my face razor and give my face a shave near the jawbone area and just to get rid of that little peach fuzz this is a really great trick to do every couple of months because it helps absorb skincare a lot better and it makes for a perfect canvas when you’re applying makeup and here you can see all those little fuzzies on the blade and on my pember days i like to use this charcoal toothpaste from thomas of maine to help gently whiten the teeth now let’s really get into relaxation mode.
                                    I love having a fresh ginger tea this is very simple i just grate some fresh ginger into a glass i grate about a teaspoonful and then i pour in some hot water and let it cool for a couple of minutes and then enjoy ginger tea is such a great way to help relax and aid in digestion so i drink this on a regular basis my pamper routine would not be complete without my sage into the trees diffuser blend this is a very grounding scent.
                                    I put in a few drops of this into my sage aroma cloud diffuser and i just let it really do its thing having my diffuser on really creates a soothing atmosphere where i can relax in and last but not least my pamper routine always ends with me writing in my journal before i go to bed i do this because i have racing thoughts and that’s usually why i need to do a proper routine so i write a lot of things down so it get it off my chest and i feel a lot better about it and once that book is closed i can easily and restfully go to sleep.
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