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How to hide dark circles without makeup instantly


 Hide Dark circles without makeup:

how to hide dark circles without makeup instantly

                               Dark circles under eye bags puffy eyes we’ve all had them one of my best tips is to use retinol this is the Olay is retinol 24 and night eye cream retinol helps reduce the appearance of fine lines wrinkles and dark circles it has also this like light silky feel and absorbs really quickly going deep into the skin surface so when I wake up in the morning my eyes feel more refreshed and more radiant when applying just use your ring finger and tap gently another great skincare tip is using vitamin C this is the uma Henriksen banana bright vitamin C serum and I absolutely love it.
                                It has 15% vitamin C 5% phas and hyaluronic acid which instantly brightens affirms and plums the skin with hydration if you have dullness or anything texture this is a great serum to use all over the face especially focus this on the eye area to help reduce the appearance of dark spots pores and wrinkles if you’re prone to sun damaged skin it can definitely affect those dark circles even more one of my favorite things to do for this is to use the Jason soothing aloe vera gel so here’s my hack apply cool aloe vera gel to each aid roller and then apply this under the eyes rolling to the outer parts of the face to help with lymphatic drainage this is really good to help in the morning.
                                If you have puffy and swollen eyes also don’t forget this area between the eyebrows and the eyes on the sides of the nose bridge the next skincare hack is using prep h for puffy eyes so this is how it works under eye circles and puffy eyes our result of loose blood vessels and weakened skin so that’s what prep h does it helps constrict it and tighten the skin this is more of a quick fix and not something you would do on a regular basis but if you’re in a crunch and you need something quick and fast apply a very thin layer of this in the under eye area applied concealer foundation over it is great underneath makeup the next tip has to do with your sleeping position if you want to get rid of those dark circles under eye bags try sleeping on your back this might not be easy for you side sleepers or stomach sleepers but sleeping on your back is best for skin.
                                 Because you’re not exposing your skin to any bacteria because it’s not face deep in the pillow and also you’re not stretching the skin either which is great for fine lines and wrinkles if you have seasonal allergies like I do you might notice that your dark circles your under eye bags they just become way worse so taking an antihistamine definitely helps I always notice that during the spring season when pollen and grass is out and the flowers are blooming my dark circles get worse so try taking an antihistamine an inadequate amount of b12 or an inability to effectively absorb it into your bloodstream can lead to anemia and signs of anemia or dark under-eye circles so b12 is a vitamin that I take regularly collagen is also super important in our body as we get older collagen decreases so having something that helps with the skin hair especially with dark circles adding some collagen to your diet can definitely help and that’s all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video and hopefully you’re able to get rid of those dark circles fast without any makeup.
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