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How to get white teeth in 1 day at home


 How to get white teeth in 1 day at home :

My go-to teeth whitening routine if you want chiclets like these just keep watching fair warning this is going to be close up zoomed in so you can see everything that i’m doing step by step first i’ll be using some floss this is the oral b one i’ve been using this one for years jeff also loves it i’ll be flossing on my teeth and you definitely want to get into those crevices because when you use any sort of whitening tools you want to make sure it gets into those areas because those areas are the ones that typically get a little bit more yellow so you want to make sure you get floss really well.
                              Next step i’ll be using my water pick this is amazing i use this every day at night time this is great to get in between those areas and this is kind of like what the dentists use but on like a more gentler level i love this it really gets in those crevices in between the teeth to make sure that when we do whiten it gets into everything definitely a mess when it comes to doing this but it is so worth it i highly recommend a water pig it is so good for the teeth next we’re gonna prep the teeth with toms of maine activated charcoal toothpaste this is a natural one it’s safe for everyday use and it gently whitens the teeth it is black when it comes out so do not be alarmed i’m sure a lot of you guys have seen this already but these do really help gently whiten the tee also when doing this i prefer using an oral b toothbrush that’s electric i personally love these and i know this looks really gross right now but you guys i feel like we’re on a really family type of level so it’s okay you guys can see and this kind of grosses you out you can just you know fast forward.
                               I just find that using an electric toothbrush cleans so much better than a regular one it’s basically like a clarisonic for your teeth i love it it really gets in there i haven’t had any cavities knocked on wood for i don’t even know how long like years and years and years and i really owe it to the oral b toothbrush i love this one i’ll link all the products below in the description box if you’re interested let me rinse that out and teeth are already looking a little bit more white for whitening i go og i’ve been using the crest 3d white strips glamorous white for years i love them they’re tried tested true they work this comes with an upper and lower strip and this one i’m peeling off right now is for the lower ship so i’ll apply that on you want to make sure you also press it in between the teeth this way it gets into those crevices where there may be a little bit of plaque or tartar there may be a little bit of yellowness in those areas.
                                So you want to make sure you press it in to make sure every tooth is covered almost to like 99 the upper strip is longer because normally you probably see your upper teeth more than your bottom teeth so i’m here just making sure that every single tooth is covered with the strap using firm pressure and pushing it in and then now you just wait for 30 minutes after 30 minutes i’m going to gently remove this and you’ll still feel a little bit of like a film on the teeth i’m just gonna use a damp tissue and just clean it up very easily do this routine for three days straight and you will find your teeth sparkling white.
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