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How to get rid of dry lips at home naturally – Dry Lips Treatment


 Dry Lips Treatment:

How I fix dry cracked bleeding picked lips instantly?
                              So, here we are these lips are looking pretty gross first thing I do is take a hot towel and just go back and forth and exfoliate the skin so that it’s nice and smooth then take King Affairs natural remedies witch hazel aloe vera formula I’m going to put a bit of this on a cotton pad and then apply it right over the lips this is going to help with any inflammation any redness and just really calm down the lips I like to keep it on here for about 30 seconds just to let it soak in a little bit and then remove and pat dry.
                               Then I’ll be applying the Jason estate percent el vira moisturizing gel all over the lips just using about a pea-sized amount I’m going to slather this all over the lips this is going to really help calm the area and you redness it’s going to sue that it’s going to be a really nice feeling to have before the next step which is going to be applying some oil now when you have super dry lips.
                                I love using the youth watery oil by Guerlain to help moisturize it and it’s gentle enough to put on the lips applying a little oil mix for a great base and helps heal the lips especially if they’re dry cracked and bleeding which mine are now for makeup I’ll be using the milk makeup tiny highlighter to just highlight the Cupid’s bow and a little bit on the bottom lip this is just going to give my lips that little bit of booth and plumpness then I’ll be taking the milk makeup foundation stick which I’ve been loving to use for coverup and concealer and for pimples and dark spots I’ll be applying this as a color corrector over the lips to minimize any redness and any dark spots on the lips this is going to be a very simple super easy.
                                 I’m also going to go a little bit further just so we have like a full look I’m gonna apply this on the cheek area and a little bit outside the lip so we have a full covered lip look after and then I’ll be taking a few drops of foundation this is the Maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation and I’m just gonna go over it just to make sure I kept covered everything because my lips have been dry and cracked it’s nice to have something to cover up any redness so that now we’re working with just a base color which we can now put on lipstick so here I’ll be using me mac cosmetics patent paint lip lacquer this is such a beautiful color and it stays on all day long this is really just a color that I feel complements my skin tone and it’s really nice on the lips as well and here I’m just going to use the brush and apply it evenly the finished look of the leppe is going to be so much different than when I started out in this video you can scroll back and look at the before and after and it is a huge huge difference so if you’re someone like me who obsessively picks up their lips and they’re dry and cracked and bleeding this is my go-to way of going from zero to a hundred when it comes to making my lips look a lot better than when they were drying cracked.
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