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How do you treat a face mask reaction – What is the best way to put on a face mask?


How do you treat a face mask reaction:

What is the best way to put on a face mask?How do you treat a face mask reaction?

                                The first is the surgical mask it’s the blue one that you’ve probably seen many people wear i bought a box of these and put them in the back of my car and i have a couple in my stroller so if i’m out and i need to go grocery shopping or go to the supermarket this is the mask that i’ll be wearing with the surgical mask you want to make sure you fold it in half so that your nose contours to the mask i’ve seen lots of people wearing masks and they don’t do that so it’s not really protecting much if you’re letting all the space around the mask open so you really want to have it contoured to your face although it might be a little bit suffocating and it might make your face sweaty that’s what you’re supposed to do to help prevent the spread because we’re trying to not expel germs out we’re trying to keep everything you know quarantined in the second mask.
                                 I want to share with you guys is a nylon mask this one i got from oakland and i absolutely love it it’s more of a fashion mask if you know what i mean and if you like something that goes with your clothing and you want the something that’s comfortable i really highly recommend this one i wear it quite often so these are the two masks that i use the surgical masks are one time use and disposable and the nylon mask is nice because i can actually just wash it and then reuse again next up you want to avoid skin sensitizing ingredients like retinol and exfoliants retinols actually peel away the skin for brighter skin underneath but if you’re wearing a mask it can actually really irritate it so if you are using right now maybe reduce the number of times you’re using it or just give it a break for a little bit and for exfoliants i would reduce the number of times i exfoliate a week.
                                 So for me i exfoliate every two days which is quite often but my skin likes it however when i wear a mask i just try to avoid exfoliants altogether just because it does irritate my skin more the next tip is wear a barrier cream to help protect your skin so if you’re finding your skin is dry patchy and irritated and itchy a barrier cream really helps i really love the aveeno secret cream for dry flaky skin it is super moisturizing basically when you’re doing this you’re creating a protective shield if you have dry skin and it’ll keep your skin moisturized all day makeup and masks do not mix if you have to wear makeup i would just say play up your eyes because the rest of the face is covered anyways so i would really try and keep your skin just clear free a little bit of skincare but really no makeup there because when you wear makeup and you cover it up you’re not letting it breathe you’re basically creating a breeding ground for dirt bacteria to grow.
                                  When it comes to cleansing the skin i love using the fresh soy cleanser i find this cleanser super gentle but moisturizing and it’s hard to find a cleanser that does both it’s either strips your skin super tight and it feels really dry or it’s too creamy and you feel like there’s more oil on your skin than normal once you get home you take off your mask clean your face really well use a cleanser that’s gentle on your skin and then use cool water and pat dry if one of your skin issues when wearing a mask is hyperpigmentation meaning dark areas on the face you might want to try using a brightening mask and one of my favorites is the sulwasu brightening face mask and i also love this brush that it came with it’s just super easy to apply.
                                  If you want to concentrate more on the lower half you can or just areas around the face you don’t have to do the whole face if you don’t want to you can spot treat with masks you can just use it in different areas you can multi mess with different types of mask on the face but with this i like it because with hyperpigmentation it helps brighten and tone the skin one of the best skincare tips i can give you is using something overnight on your skin to help it rejuvenate one of my favorite things is the neostrata anti-pollution treatment that you use overnight so you just use this like a gel cream basically and you apply this all over the face and you leave it on overnight and the next morning you’ll feel that your skin is just so much more smoother the texture is there the radiance is there and especially if you’re wearing a mask regularly and you’re not getting enough oxygen and you’re not getting enough sort of air flow into your skin if you’re wearing a mask all the time and overnight treatment can definitely help normally people are very concerned about the area the mask covers.
                                   But another area that actually suffers quite a bit is the under eye area mainly because you’re cutting off circulation because you’re wearing a mask and if your mask is too tight this area underneath your eyes will get puffy will get darker and you’ll probably look a lot more tired one of the things that i really love doing to help brighten up the eyes when i get home is to use the ula henriksen banana bright eye cream this cream has just enough radiance in it where you can see a huge difference as soon as you put it on it’s almost like an instant glow.
                                   So if you do need something to help just perk your eyes up after a long day and you’re wearing a mask this is the thing that i would definitely recommend to use and i also love it just regularly as an eye cream so that is a great tip to use if you have really puffy dark circles and when i’m doing this at night time i love using a jade roller this is also to help with lymphatic drainage especially when you’re wearing a mask this is really good to help get all that puffiness away from the face and remember when you are jade rolling you’re doing it away from the center of the face that way it drains down the neck.
                                   And it gives you a more lifted look it’s also really important to take your mask off right away when you’re home in a safe place and let your skin breathe and cleanse it right away another thing that really helps with puffy dry patches and just irritated skin is to let it cool with cool or cold water just splash cold water onto your face when you get home even during the day if you have time to just do that it can help a lot with that area where your mask is covering so those are my tips and tricks when it comes to treating and preventing mask knee.
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