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French pharmacy skincare routine – French skincare routine


 French skincare routine:

French skincare routinefrench pharmacy skincare routine

                                 Let’s get started start my French inspired skincare routine I’m going to cleanse what I didn’t know is that the French sometimes just use water in the morning instead of cleanser to help preserve the skin but here I’ll be using the CeraVe hydrating micellar water to help cleanse all over the skin toner is a huge part of skincare for the French so for this I’ll be using my go-to pixie glow tonic with five percent glycolic acid here I’ll just be swiping this all over the face to clean pores and remove excess oil and impurities one of my favorite French skincare brands is totally the vino perfect radiance serum has been in my skincare kit for the past few years and I love it when applying I love warming the serum in my heads first and then when using tapping motions I press the serum into the skin next up I’m going to apply Garland’s a bay Royale day cream to help with wrinkles and fine lines the French believe in anti-aging skincare and keeping skin looking youthful.
                                 I apply this generously all over the face following that I’ll be using the pure restorative under oil which contains erosive aloe vera and lavender to help preserve the delicate skin around the eyes I also love how it smells and it can be used to relieve dry under eye areas and it’s perfect to travel with and of course we can’t forget sunscreen I brought this a more Pacific sunscreen with SPF 35 with me and I loved using it when I was in Phoenix for the holidays it smells amazing and it doesn’t leave a dry white film afterwards also it’s perfect to use before makeup and lastly I’ll be applying the Clarins Hydra essential moisture replenishing the bum all over the lips it’s super hydrating and leaves my lips so soft French makeup isn’t about packing on the layers it’s subtle and natural and about bringing your own uniqueness out to start instead of foundation.
                                  I’ll be using the Clinique for city block SPF 40 tinted sunscreen and apply this all over the face it gives the most natural coverage and perfect to use for a no makeup makeup look after this I’ll be applying a pump of the Marc Jacobs coconut dew drops to highlight the high points of my face I’m absolutely obsessed with this because it gives my skin that beautiful glow from within look you can also mix this with your foundation if you want to for a dewy and glowing base concealer is used sparingly and only two places that really need it for this I’ll be using the Revlon youth and blur concealer for my under eyes around the nostrils and any dark spots taking my small powder brush from BH Cosmetics.
                                   I’m going to buff this all in so that it looks seamless and it gives just the right amount of coverage for those areas for eyeliner I’m going for a subtle look I’ll be using the new Stix chocolate eye color on the upper lash line taking a small concealer brush I’m going to blend the color in the look is soft feminine and natural for blush I’ll be using the girl and two-tone blush and neutral pink to create a soft rosy cheek I’ll even brush a little of the remaining product over the ice to round out this look then I’m going to quickly curl my lashes and apply the covergirl exhibitionists waterproof mascara it is so amazing at keeping my lashes curled all day and I love it and then to finish off my French inspired makeup look I’m going to apply Lancome’s absolute Rouge drama matte lipstick and sensuality which is the perfect pink to match my skin tone and last but not least for hair.
                                   I’ll be using the away wave spray all over my hair to create some texture and wave everything from skin care to makeup to hair is effortless and should look that way and now we’re then I was really inspired by this book because the French talk about not hiding your uniqueness whereas sometimes people might think my lips oh my nose oh my eyes my brows they’re not perfect they’re not what society deems to be beautiful and with this book and what Mathilde Thomas says it’s all about really bringing that uniqueness out and making that your asset instead of something you hide one thing that really resonated with me about this book is the pleasure principle so really it’s about doing everything with pleasure and I find that it’s such a good way to think about life with this principle in mind it makes you just feel good about taking care of yourself and I think everyone needs to take care of themselves.
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