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Daily natural beauty routine – Everyday natural beauty tips


Daily natural beauty routine:

                           My skincare routine so here we are let’s put on a headband and wet the face with some warm water first we’re gonna be cleansing the face of course and I’ll be using the Aveeno positively radiant max-flow micellar gel cleanser to make it easy to stick to your skincare routine use a cleanser that does a bunch of things this one removes makeup cleanses your face and hydrates all at the same time that’s why this one is one of my go-to I’m such a huge fan of this cleanser I’ve been using it for years it’s formulated with moisture richer soy and kiwi complex and it really leaves the skin soft the dewy and luminous.
                            Once I’ve done this I’m just going to rinse off with some cool water and of course after cleansing I’ll be using the Clarins of fresh scrub I exfoliate every other day and that might seem like a lot to some people but it really depends on your skin type my skin loves this and it keeps it really nice and soft and smooth for most people I recommend two times a week and that should be plenty.
                             Enough, I gently exfoliate in circular motions all over the face making sure I don’t forget my lips and being careful around the eye area exfoliating should definitely be a part of your weekly stinky routine once I’m done this I’m going to rinse with some warm water and pat dry the next step is using essence and here I’ll be using the amore Pacific vintage single and extracting essence just a couple drops in the hand and I apply this all over the face a lot of people say essence isn’t mandatory but I use essence almost on a daily basis I find that it’s a great way to give your skin a break if you don’t want to use any heavy moisturizers or creams essence is the way to go and here I’m just lightly patting it into the skin until it fully absorbs this is also a great tip next up serum this is the syrupy hydrating serum with higher lining acid serum is something I use on a daily basis as well.
                              I always find that serum is a more powerful than a lot of just regular moisturizers and it packs a lot of punch this one especially gives 24 hours of hydration has a vitamin b5 to soothe dry skin it also helps protect the skin’s barrier providing instantly smoother and softer skin to seal all that goodness and I’m going to use the Laneige water bank hydrogel this is really good for combination and oily skin so for you guys out there who may have acne prone skin or breakout often this is a really nice cooling non oily gel moisturizer that gives long-lasting hydration it’s also extracted from kala watercress been beat to hydrate the skin and is free of parabens and ballads if we’re prone to blemishes and acne it’s always good to have a spa treatment at hand and this is the Kiehl’s a breakout control targeted acne spot treatment and I just dab this the areas where I feel like a breakup might be happening if I feel something erupting underneath the skin I will use this as a preventative measure when it comes to your morning routine always end it with sunscreen and this is the Neutrogena hydro boost water gel sunscreen it is such a light feel which a lot of sunscreens don’t normally have it also Twenties the skin and it makes it super hydrate and you can see there is no white film at all it is just really nice to put on it’s smooth it’s smells great and it has SPF of 30 for UVA and UVB sun protection and don’t forget the back of the hands this is an area where a lot of people started to show signs of aging and also the neck so make sure you cover that area as well.
                               So this is how I build a sinker teen that you can actually stick to these are all things that I do and I find really help with getting clear beautiful glowing skin.
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