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Best way to clean face naturally – Best way to clean skin naturally


 Best way to clean face naturally – Best way to clean skin naturally:

                                I gotta put on my headband this is especially necessary since i recently cut my hair now who gets excited about taking off their makeup i do that’s why i’ve been loving the belief aqua bomb makeup removing cleansing balm it really gets rid of everything and is good for all skin types i just take a scoop of the bomb with a spatula and apply it to dry skin allowing the formula to melt into an oil.
                                 I massage this until all makeup is removed look at how fast it just melts away makeup its gentle texture gradually changes as i use it it also doesn’t leave any oily residue because we all know some bumps do that or make it dry it leaves my skin glowing and healthy here’s the bonus it’s also clean at sephora free of mineral oil animal ingredients synthetic fragrances and sulfates when i’m done i just rinse off with some warm water and pat dry skin is feeling totally clean and no trace of makeup at all.
                                  Next let’s get into steaming you guys know i’m a big fan of this it’s also great to help clean your skin it opens the pores it helps detox and purifies the skin and also makes for your next skincare products to absorb so much better you guys have been asking me for so many diys so here’s one for you this is my go-to oatmeal and honey exfoliation mask this is super easy to make just put in 1 3 cup of rolled oats into a blender and then add 2 tablespoons of honey make sure you mix it really well and if you need to just add a tiny little bit of water to get the consistency right and then use this might seem like a very simple exfoliation scrub but let me tell you the oats contain anti-inflammatory properties and a cleansing agent which is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin and the honey has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
                                  This is great to achieve that glow while fighting acne and nourishing aging skin when i’m done this i’ll rinse off with warm water give my lips a little bit of a scrub and then pat dry next up is my diy yogurt mask this is super easy to make just two simple ingredients one heaping tablespoon of greek yogurt and about a tablespoon of matcha green tea powder these two powerhouse ingredients are amazing for your skin.
                                   The yogurt is used to help moisturize fight acne reduce wrinkles fine lines and dark circles and the matcha green tea powder has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce redness and can help with acne as well it also prevents premature aging fights excess oil production and also evens out your skin tone then taking my mini face mask brush i’m just going to apply this all over the face a great way to get this mask to work even better is to keep your face steamer on while applying it there’s just something so soothing and lovely about putting on a face mask.
                                    I just feel like it’s a little spa day for myself and if you need a little bit of a stress relief this is something super easy you can do you probably have these ingredients in your pantry and if you do make a little mask for yourself and give your skin a lovely little treat i’m going to keep this mask on for about 10 to 15 minutes and then i’m going to remove with a very wet damp towel this is going to make it just much easier and less messy because yogurt can get everywhere and it’s quite thick i’m going to gently remove this with a cold towel and make sure everything is off of the face this is such a nice cooling mask that really helps with the texture with the glow and it really makes your skin feel super super clean if you really want to step it up a notch use some witch hazel toner to apply after your mask.
                                     This is going to cleanse the skin even deeper by removing any leftover surface oils and bacterias but it also is a calming ingredient as well which is great for the skin moving right along i’ll be using the belief moisturizing eye balm this is a lightweight refreshing eye cream that smooths fine lines it boosts elasticity and it also increases the resilience of the skin this is really important for me because i do have some under eye circles and small fine lines here this is great to help with that and to top it off i’ll be using the belief true cream aqua balm this is a cushiony cream that provides dull flaky skin like i do with an explosion of comforting moisture it leaves the skin feeling supple smooth and deeply nourished and don’t forget the neck this is a very important step if you have any dullness uneven texture or dryness in the skin this is a great moisturizer to use skin is feeling smooth feeling clean and oh so glowy i hope you guys enjoyed.
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