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Best oil for skin whitening – Best oil for skin whitening for dry skin


 Best oil for skin whitening:

My best and what my favorite facial oils are and what they do for my skin the first oil I’ll be showing you guys is the one that I use quite often it is the Thursday plantation tea tree oil this is amazing for acne prone and oily skin because it’s antiseptic and it also helps reduce inflammation if you have mosquito bites or bug bites or itchy skin or inflammation tea tree oil is amazing sometimes I even put a bit of tea tree oil with my foaming cleanser onto my Clarisonic and I just clean the entire face it does have a pungent smell so you don’t want to use too much you definitely want to do a test patch before using tea tree oil.
                                    Because it is quite strong depending on the type that you use but I highly highly recommend it if you have acne prone or oily skin the next oil I want to talk about is a lavender this is an amazing oil to help with calming coughs and colds any sort of headaches or any symptoms that come with digestive discomfort lavender is great and I also use the Thursday plantation essential oil sometimes I’ll even use this in my diffuser to help calm my senses before going to bed and it’s also a really nice relaxing smell but it also does wonders on the skin but what you want to remember is some of soils do need carrier oils you don’t want to put them directly on your skin just read the label some ask you to do it some don’t so it really depends on the type that you buy the Thursday plantation one this one that I use definitely asks for a carrier oil that just means you need to dilute it.
                                    So it’s not as strong and it’s easier for your skin to absorb now for face oil I have a lot and you guys have probably seen a couple of these in my videos but I want to explain to you guys why I love this one particularly this is the pixie skin treats of rose oil blend this is a great face oil to use as a primer to even mix with your foundation and it’s also great on its own it helps with elasticity it helps with dry skin I really do recommend if you put makeup on every day or even if you’re just using a tinted moisturizer or something like that just add one or two drops of this oil or just some sort of like rose oil blend or Jasmine blend it can really help just make that extra glow in your skin moving right along the next oil.
                                     You guys have seen me use this in a ton of my Instagram videos it’s the girl and a beret Elle youth watery oil you can see I’ve used so much of this already and I love this stuff it’s definitely more on the luxury side definitely more money definitely more expensive than most facial oils but I’m telling you there is something in this that makes your skin is just amazing also it helps with anti-aging for me when I use an oil it’s great that it nourishes but it’s also really great to know that it’s helping with fine lines and wrinkles and this is what the youth watery oil does the next oil I’ll be sharing with you guys is an overnight oil so facial oils don’t necessarily mean that you need to use them during the day you can actually use certain oils at night and the one I love using for overnight oils is the Kota levy no source overnight recovery oil it’s amazing for a dry to very dry skin which I have I use this maybe about five or six drops with Mike Hoadley vino Soros moisturizing cream and I mix them together and apply it all over the face and that’s usually what I do on most nights when I have very very dry skin and it helps just replenish the skin it helps nourish the skin and when I wake up in the morning I can just feel the difference in my skin but if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like sticky feelings on your skin.
                                      I don’t personally like that but the one thing I like about this oil is that it doesn’t feel sticky whereas some of the other oils can and it kind of feels kind of gross you know when you’re sleeping and it’s sticking to your face your pillow that’s not a very calming feeling but this oil doesn’t do that it’s very like thin it’s like a thin oil for a night time facial oil.
                                       So I highly recommend this if you do have very very dry skin now if you’re like Jenna I don’t want to go and buy these expensive facial oils I don’t really care for them can I just use something at home that’s in my pantry in my kitchen yes you can the first thing I’m going to show you is just extra-virgin olive oil this is Cola Vida this is just what I use to cook and olive oil is great for Sun damaged skin so if you find yourself in this thing quite a bit wherever you’re sorry that was my phone so if you find yourself living in a place that is sunny all the time I’m not only thank you for it’s raining all the time and you do get some sun spots or some sun damage use olive oil this is more for so your body try extra virgin olive oil you can get organic that’s even better another oil that’s gained so much popularity is Auto Cotto oil this is the primal kitchen avocado oil and it is high heat which means for cooking it can sustain very high heat without.
                                       I think releasing any toxins in the oil because some are low heat and if you burnt them too high it creates toxins and another thing avocado oil is very good for is Itchy and inflamed skin avocado oil is amazing I have seen so many before-and-afters online I’ve used it on my own skin but I’m running out of something I’ll be like okay well I can use avocado oil that’s gonna be a no-brainer it’s totally safe and it’s so good for my skin and it feels good so if you’re not into buying really expensive fish oils grab a bottle of avocado oil although it is still expensive you can get obviously way more bang for your buck so if that’s your angle and you want to do that that’s totally fine go grab yourself a bottle of avocado oil and last but not least one of the most popular oils I feel that are in most kitchens these days is coconut oil this is the spectrum culinary organic coconut oil and I use this everywhere what I do with this coconut oil is I actually have a just a spoon that I leave in here I sometimes I put it in my bathroom and if I’m feeling like my body is super dehydrated and dry I’ll just spoon it out with my spoon and then heat it up in my hands and then rub it all over my body also when I go for our MT massages just to help loosen any knots my massage therapist only uses coconut oils.
                                        So if she is using it and she’s an arm T I’m definitely flying and I’m totally okay with using this on my body and it’s safe coconut oil is also amazing for stretch marks and for scarring so if you do have either of those things or maybe you’ve lost some weight and you do get marks on your belly or on your thighs or on your butt coconut oil slather it on but I do have to say for those people who don’t like feeling sticky coconut oil might not be for you.
                                         Because it is quite oily and it does get on to clothing so if that’s really not your thing maybe stick to a thinner oil those are my facial oils aromatherapy oils and my kitchen oils that I use for my body for my face and I hope you guys enjoyed it and found some helpful tips depending on what kind of skin type you have you can use to help alleviate any sort of those stresses or environmental aggressors or just skin problems and for the most part you can find a lot of these oils in like drugstores that aren’t too expensive and if you’re not into that you can just go grab a bucket of oil coconut oil or olive oil those all work as well.
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