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Beauty tips for skin care – What helps your face glow?


 Beauty tips for skin care: 

What helps your face glow?beauty tips for skin care

I’m gonna be using the mineral 89 from Vichy as my primer it’s a great booster and gives the skin a really nice space to put on makeup not only that it’s filled with hyaluronic acid which really helps hydrate the skin if you have dry skin like I do it’s a mess my most recent hack for fluffy brows is using the Maybelline brereton pen with this pen there are three prongs but I’d actually don’t use it.
                               I just use one of the prongs and use it to create individual single hair like strokes this gives really good definition and I find that it just makes the brow look so much more natural than using all three together I like to think of this as a micro blading your eyebrows but with a brow tint pen instead of going fully tattoo which is nice because you can shape it however you want when it comes to Foundation and all-in-one is what I need the it cosmetics your skin a better CC cream with SPF 50 is one of my favorite it has great coverage and as SPF it gives the skin this glow to it.
                               It looks super healthy and it’s really easy to put on and you really need a little amount I’m saying this stuff really does cover up a lot to apply I’ve been loving the girl and essential retractable brush it just gives a very clean and airbrushed look and makes it really easy to apply foundation you guys I have a new favorite concealer I’ve been using this so much it’s one of my favorites it’s super smooth it’s from Dior it’s called the forever skin correct its 24-hour wear and it just feels like skin you don’t need a lot I just apply it underneath the eyes a little bit around the nose burr there’s a bit of redness and on the bridge of the nose this is definitely one of my new favorite concealers it doesn’t settle into any lines or wrinkles which is really nice because it’s got this for the nourishing smooth texture to it and it doesn’t dry out which is super important if you have dry skin.
                                I can see there that is nourishing and smooth and has a nice texture can really help with that for contouring I have been absolutely in love with the Fanta beauty cheeks out freestyle cream bronzer this is the color in macchiato it’s honestly such a nice color and goes so well with my skin tone I love natural look as many of you guys know so this just makes my skin look as if it’s just naturally bronzed but not too much that you notice it which is what I need then I’m going to take a little bit of this Dior pink blush and apply it all over my cheekbones this is a very light powdery pink it looks so natural in skin it almost looks like you’re not wearing any blush at all which is kind of the look that I’m going for I just keep applying layers until I like the final result so very natural very glowing in pink if you guys have been following me for a while you’ll know I love a winged liner especially nice dark cat eye but as I recently I’ve been really liking the lighter look I think it’s just I don’t know maybe the mom and mean that just wants to look a little bit more unnatural so I’ve been using the benefit brow pencil to create this lighter wing it’s brown so it’s not as harsh and to be honest it’s just much easier to put on then using liquid liner now I’m going to use my schumer eyelash curler my trusty one I’ve been using for years to curl the lashes.
                                I love this guy it’s a staple in my makeup bag and then I’m gonna be applying lengthening mascara when I’ve been using for years is the benefit roller lash I love this one because it coats every individual eyelash and it really helps lengthen short straight lashes for lipstick I’ll be applying the l’oreal signature matte liquid lipstick in i Explorer I’m a huge fan of this collection I love that it’s matte it lasts all day and as a mom I don’t have to keep reapplying which is a huge bonus for me the brush applicator tip is also an amazing tool it gives the most precise line as you can see here it makes it just so easy to apply liquid lipstick it doesn’t get any easier than this.
                          This color is definitely a bit more on the bolder side for me but I was feeling this vibe and I really like this color to finish off this makeup look I’m going to make it glow with the fenty Beauty glow stick this is one of my new favorites I actually apply this on last I find that it works really well it’s very soft smooth you need just a little bit I applied on the bridge of the nose and on the cheekbones and here’s the final look very easy simple to do minimal products.
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