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Beauty tips for face at home – Healthy skin tips for face


 Beauty tips for face at home:

  The first product I’m going to use is cleanser if I’m condensing my skincare routine into just a few steps cleaning my skin is the non-negotiable you guys know I need to clean my skin it’s like super super important to me and the one I picked for this is the pixie skin treats glow tonic cleansing job with glycolic acid and it also has aloe ginseng Chesham extract so has a lot of things that help brain as well as cleanse the skin.

Step 1 :

                          So I’ll be applying this on my face to cleanse and it doesn’t strip away the moisture which is great if you use foam cleansers you might notice your skin be a little bit dry afterwards but with this gel cleanser it’s super soft and gentle on the skin it helps brighten from the glycolic and it also cleanses at the same time I don’t have too much makeup on so I’m only using a little bit and it smells so good and I’m going to use a wet towel because I’m not in front of my sink I’m just gonna wipe my skin clean and I love that it’s just a multitasking product no need to worry about putting glycolic or retinol on afterwards it just helps brighten gently.

Step 2 :

                           I’ll be usingvthese dual wazoo bloomsday of vitamin water I love this because it’s basically a serum a toner essence all-in-one for me it helps lock in moisture and it smells so good the consistency is really just like water so to apply you just apply a bit in the hand no cotton that’s needed it’s right in the hand and then rub it and we’ll start by applying this starting in the middle and then outwards oh my god this smells so good and then on the forehead working from the inside of the face or the center of the face outwards and then the chin up the jawline and a Korean tip when it comes to applying this type of stuff is tapping this in because the tapping motion actually helps absorb it into the skin not too hard just a little bit and like even a little bit on the neck as well.
                            My skin already feels hydrated and this is not just water it does feel like water but it has a hydrating effect to it not as thick at the serum not as thin as a toner but something just in between and I love this texture of it and I love how it just hydrates the skin instantly you can just see onto the next step for my last step I’ll be applying a very rich and hydrating cream because so far the routine has been quite simple and light but now I want to put on something that’s going to make my skin glow and be super hydrated and also have that dewy skin look and I’ll be using the touch of the dewy skin and cream this stuff is actually purple because of the Japanese purple rice and you guys know how much I love rice as a beauty tip and a beauty tip. I just love how this helps hydrate and also anti-ages the skin.
                            So I’ll be using just a little bit few dots is all you need because this is actually a quite a hydrating moisturizer quite rich and I just broke this into the skin and it just feels so good and you can tell already that dewy skin look it’s happening no it’s not doing this because my mama told me to do it so I’m just doing it skip to help with the absorption kind of like the tapping motion but it also just starts to make your skin feel a little bit more alive any remaining stuff just apply down the neck skip carotene death what are my thoughts on the skip care trend I think it’s definitely something that is more doable and easier to maintain.
                            if you’re someone who doesn’t have the time to do the 10 step skincare routine it’s something that you can definitely do more frequently and more on a schedule if it’s just a few that you’re doing I would definitely recommend you use different products during the day especially in the morning when you’re going out to use sunscreen and at nighttime to use something that’s more hydrating and multitasking may be even overnight mask I think that skip your turn is super cool I mean I don’t typically do a lot of products in one go I think it’s cool to see how trends come and go and what becomes popular.
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