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Dull skin treatment at hom – dull skin remedies


 Dull Skin Remedies :

dull skin treatment at home

This routine off with cleaning the face here i’ll be using the honest beauty gel cleanser this is such an amazing cleanser i absolutely love it it has common chamomile and calendula in it.
                             I gently use my hands and go in circular motions around the face this also removes makeup and is mild enough to use morning and night without over drying the skin to help revive dull skin i’ll be splashing on some cold water to give it a nice refresh then i’m going to just pat dry and go on to the next step.
                              Which is steaming your face i do this weekly and i find that it totally helps revive dull skin i’ll even put a little bit of lavender oil into the steamer are you ready for the big secret it’s vitamin c this is one of the biggest reasons why models always have beautiful skin i’ve been using the murad environmental shield vita c glycolic brightening serum.
                               After cleansing to help improve hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone i take two pumps of this and gently apply all over the face and neck i can actually feel it working little gentle tingly sensations on the skin models love using vitamin c because it helps give some brighter and healthier looking skin by exfoliating dulling surface cell next up to complement the serum i’ll be using the morad environmental shield vita c eyes dark circle corrector models always look young and seem to never have any dark circles this gold stabilized vitamin c eye serumbfights the look of dark circles the blue brown and red ones in as little as two weeks i take one pump and apply underneath.
                                The eye area with my ring finger it’s also formulated with light reflecting micro minerals that instantly brighten and the red algae to help with puffiness too these two products are exclusively sold at sephora canada and if you’re interested in learning more about another amazing tool to help with dull skin is using a quartz roller or jade roller i love popping this guy in the fridge so it gives my skin that instant face lift.
                                 It’s also a great thing to use after serum to help absorption of any products into the skinband lastly let’s not forget the neck models take extreme care of this area because it’s one of the first places that show signs of aging a great skincare tip to help with this area is using a sheet mask and apply this directly to the neck here i’m using the estee lauder foil mask and it’s super hydrating and perfect to help moisturize this area keep your neck looking young and it’s half the battle that’s how the models do it.
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